Monday, January 23, 2012

Tell Me Again WHy You Aren't Making Bags?

So you’re a tailor? You are the crafter of storage space and low level cloth greens. Are you using your profession to its potential? Most tailors are not and that doesn’t bother me because where they fall short I step in and cover the market.

Bags and Spellthreads are the key for any good tailor to keep up with his Jewelcrafting and Inscription brethren.

Before I get into the post too far let me talk about materials. For the two techniques I’m gonna tell you about below you will need in bulk…

  1. Embersilk Cloth – All you can get your hands on
  2. Hypnotic Dust – 15 required for bags so stock up heavily
  3. Chaos Orbs – 4 per dreamcloth, stay with me for this

I typically am able to buy Embersilk Cloth in any amount I want for around 3.5g per piece but there are occasions and they occur quite regularly where someone will flood the market with 500-1000 cloth for 3g, 2g, or less each. BUY EVERY SINGLE ONE! Below I’ll give my average cost and profit per bag, but if you get cheaper mats then your profits can soar quite quickly.

The same strategy holds true for Hypnotic Dust and Chaos Orbs. If a large supply (or even small supply) hits the market for under market value…. Buy them all. Don’t leave a single one up there that your competition can use to drive their costs down as well.

Embersilk Bags: If you are a tailor and aren’t making these simple bags then you are costing yourself literally 1000’s of gold per week if not per day. An Embersilk Bag costs 15 Bolts of Embersilk (75 Embersilk Cloth) and 15 Hypnotic Dust to craft. On my realm (Fenris) you can acquire Embersilk cloth for an average of 3.5g per cloth almost every day in any amount you’d like. Hypnotic Dust goes for under 1g most times on my realm. All characters want bigger and better bags and with Illusionary bags being as much as 10x the cost of Embersilk bags they will jump at the prospect of swooping up your much cheaper Embersilk bags. This market isn’t much as far a fluctuation goes. It is a consistent gold maker that is there day and night. You don’t even have to babysit your auctions on most servers because even if you don’t have the lowest priced bag it will still get bought before the duration of you auction runs out.

75 Embersilk Cloth x 3.5g = 262.50g
15 Hypnotic Dust x .75g = 11.25g
Total Cost per bag = 273.75g
Average Profit per Bag = 66.25g

Powerful Spellthread: This is a market that more people tend to play in because they feel the need to make their dreamcloth on cooldown. You can basically make 1 per week per volatile with 30 of any given Volatile (life, earth, air, water, fire) and 8 bolts of embersilk cloth ( BUT what some are still yet to find out is you can also make an unlimited number of dreamcloths via Dream of Destruction pattern). The Dream of Destruction requires the same 8 bolts of embersilk but only 4 chaos orbs! On my realm you can get chaos orbs for anywhere from 25g to 50g each. But they average around 35g. These Spell threads sell for an average of 350g each!

40 Embersilk Cloth x 3.5g = 140g
4 Chaos Orbs x 35g = 140g
Total Cost per Spellthread = 280g
Average Profite per Spellthread = 70g

So diversify your markets. Make Spellthreads and Embersilk bags. You can easily clear 1000g profit per day with more than 2000g not at all abnormal. If may not seem like much compared with JC or Inscription but it is a constant market. Bags are needed by every toon and spellthreads by every caster.

You could always go out and farm you materials and lower your production costs but I prefer to still be able to paly the game as well as make gold. The earning potential is up to you!

Until next time this is Audem Gold signing off......... Profit???

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  1. I make these on my server, but I have thresholds set around those profit margins. Since 4.3, I haven't sold many because there is so much competition.

    When 4.3 first hit, and Chaos Orbs plumetted (and for some reason volatile fire and earth became dirt cheap) there was a sharp rise of spellthreads since it changed my costs dramatically... it was only a matter of a week or so before the rest of the tailors caught on and the sale price dropped equally.

    The nice thing about having items in stock and automated posting with TSM is that I cash in as soon as the market rises (a replenish my stocks as the materials fall).